First Attempt at Flash Fiction Ever

My face stings as the gash in my forehead leaks blood and my salty sweat drips into it. I can see the red and clear liquids mesh together as they to the floor in drops. I tug on the shackles around my wrists and ankles that keep me chained to the wall. “Why are you doing this?” I scream when I can’t take it anymore. “Why don’t you just kill me now?” I plead. The dark figure comes out into the light, wearing the same mask he’s had on since he first kidnapped me. He lets out a thunderous laugh. “You think I have brought you here to merely kill you? Oh no, no darling. I want you to beg for death. Not to me, that’s too easy. No, see, I want you to beg to yourself, somehow will yourself to die because you want it that bad,” he explains. “Most people are afraid of death and avoid it at all costs, but you, I want you to crave it.” My captor comes closer and I can’t help but turn my head in fear of what he will do. He raises his hands and has a piece of cloth that he is tying around my head to blindfold me. Despite my lack of sight, I sense he coming near me and I wince in preparation. He again lets out a small laugh and whispers in my ear, “You want death, you desire death, and you need death. Just like I want you, desire you, and need you.” He forcefully kisses my lips and I can taste not only him, but my own blood, sweat, and tears.