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I hate it.

Not a day goes by that I can stand it, yet I encounter it everyday. “Why me?!” I cry out most times because I don’t understand. What did I do that was so wrong that I am punished every single day by an invisible assassin? I’ve spent years battling my enemy, but never had a name. Yet, now that I have had a clinical label put on it, does it make it any easier? Hell no. It’s like knowing the name of your bully. Yes it’s nice to be able to call him by his true identity, but it doesn’t make his attacks hurt any less. I can’t take it. It ruins every aspect of my life. I have missed out on so many experiences and have let it control me for so long. I’m told to fight and fight, but its so difficult when I’m so wounded. When will it back down? When do I get to be in control? When do I finally get to be at peace and live my life without its menacing grip? 


About woodh2013

I'm the girl that's named after the famous city of lights and cameras, but am too shy to talk to the kid sitting next to me in class. I'm the girl that blasts opera while I commute to and from school, but is in the crowds of rock shows on Friday nights. I'm the girl who can't draw to save her life, but takes beautiful pictures. I'm the girl who worries about everything, even when things aren't so bad. I can't be put in a box, so you want to know more? Read my work.

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