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My Creative Writing classmates are so amazing at writing, and I’m just here, barely making a splash as their words send tidal waves around our classroom as they read their work aloud. I knew I hadn’t written creatively in years and that my skills would not be as good as they once were, but I didn’t expect to be drowning in such talent with no hope of surviving. Will I ever get to their level? Probably not. Why do I think I am a writer at all?


About woodh2013

I'm the girl that's named after the famous city of lights and cameras, but am too shy to talk to the kid sitting next to me in class. I'm the girl that blasts opera while I commute to and from school, but is in the crowds of rock shows on Friday nights. I'm the girl who can't draw to save her life, but takes beautiful pictures. I'm the girl who worries about everything, even when things aren't so bad. I can't be put in a box, so you want to know more? Read my work.

2 responses to “Inferior

  1. Holly! We are all works-in-progress and at different stages of growth as writers. Besides, it is ‘normal’ for writers to be too critical of their work. Keep writing!

  2. woodh2013

    I was feeling extremely self-conscious of my writing that day and needed to express it somehow, so I used the blog as a tool to do it. I still feel like I’m in the lower half of the class in terms of skill, but I don’t feel as hopeless.

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