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My First Blog Post

Such an unoriginal title, but it is what it says so it gets the job done; I suppose. Despite being a part of the “Internet Generation,” I am not very tech savvy and my skills are limited to the social networking of Facebook. I never thought I would have a blog, but now that I am about to begin this journey, that will extend throughout the semester with my Creative Writing class, I am more open-minded to the concept.

As for my creative writing, it has been years since I have seriously dabbled in such arts. In middle school, I would rush home every day after school to open my laptop and write the scene I had been formulating in my head all day. Back then, I had a WordPress account and would publish some of my writings to an online audience. It made me feel proud that people were reading my work and the feedback helped me become a stronger writer. Unfortunately, in high school I started to lose my flow. I didn’t write for pleasure as often, no matter how many ideas I had. The final nail in the coffin was graduating high school. Alas, in college, academic writing is quick to take to the forefront of most students writing, even for Writing majors like myself. I can reluctantly admit that I have not written a single piece of what can be considered “creative writing” since my second semester as a freshman.

However, going into my third year of higher education, I am eager to get back into creating pieces of art through my gift of composition. I hope the old habits I used to have mastery of are quick to return back into action. Regardless of my rusty skills, I am excited for this semester of Creative Writing and know that it will better me as a writer in more ways than I can imagine at 11:30 p.m., which is unfortunately when I am writing this first post due to a late work shift. I would like to close with a quote by Abraham Lincoln, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”


About woodh2013

I'm the girl that's named after the famous city of lights and cameras, but am too shy to talk to the kid sitting next to me in class. I'm the girl that blasts opera while I commute to and from school, but is in the crowds of rock shows on Friday nights. I'm the girl who can't draw to save her life, but takes beautiful pictures. I'm the girl who worries about everything, even when things aren't so bad. I can't be put in a box, so you want to know more? Read my work.

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